We offer you our INTERNATIONAL service where our experts in sales and staff selection will look for the agent that you need.

Please, complete the next form with your specifications and we will contact you to expand all the information that you need about our service.


Information of the requested agent

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We offer you

  • We propose you an agent who will fit with your specifications: work zone, sales channel, experience and interest in your product or service.
  • Our 20 years’ experience in sales and building sales teams.
  • We have contacted with more than 5000 agents in Spain.

searcha warranties:

  • If the requested agent is not found within the established period (usually 1-2 month), the initial payment of 50% will be returned.
  • If there is no commercial agreement with the first agent proposed, we will propose you a second option with no additional cost.

INTERNATIONAL payment method:

  • 50% payment when the budget is accepted.
  • The remaining 50% will only be paid if searcha proposes you a profile or representation that fits with your needs. This payment will be made before sending the contact information.
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