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searcha carries out a search of profiles of sales agents and distributors that match your search needs.

Atsearcha we are committed to providing qualified contacts: these will be the ones that match your search criteria, have been verified by searcha's team of experts and have also confirmed their interest in your offer.

searcha's main aim is to bring both parties together. In no case issearcha involved in the negotiations of the contractual terms or guarantees a commercial agreement between the parties.

searcha 's sales agent and distributor search engine is a powerful tool designed to filter the commercial profiles on the platform by different criteria. This way you will be able to find the partner that best suits your needs.

Yes, with searcha you can perform any search for sales agents or distributors without registering, but you will only see limited information about the commercial profiles. If you register for free on the platform, you will have access to all profiles, thus obtaining much more information about the registered sales agents or distributors. This information will help you identify the partner that best suits your real needs.

When you register, you can enter the details of your first offer by filling in the form that will appear on the screen.

Remember: you have a field (Title of the offer) for specifying the name you want to give to the offer. Be specific and clear with this field, as it will be the one that will be shown in the search engine and through which agents will decide if they are interested in your offer.

You will also have a field (Name of the offer) which will only be visible to you and which you can use to identify all the offers you have published.

You will be able to publish as many offers as you need by accessing your Dashboard.

No. PNo. Publishing offers on the platform is completely free. You only have to register as a company, which will take a few minutes.

Yes: you only need to be registered in order to be able to select and save your offers and your favourite sales agents or distributors. You will be able to retrieve their information on your dashboard whenever you want.

No, never. The contact details of your company are only for verifying the offer and can only be seen by searcha. It will be you who can see the potential collaborator's contact details.

Yes, only if you are registered and have enabled the notifications option for your offer (available in your dashboard) so that searcha can send you alerts when there are new sales agents or distributors that match your needs. Enable this option and you will receive the new profiles that interest you in your inbox.

In the "My offers" tab of the dashboard you will see your published offers' notification status. From there you can configure each offer and you will have the option of:

  • Making it visible in the search engine, receiving requests from sales agents or distributors interested in your proposal. We recommend this option to speed up and increase the chances of finding the right profile. If you disable this option, your offer will not be displayed in the search engine, which will restrict the notifications of interest received, therefore reducing the possibility of finding candidates.
  • Receiving notifications of registration of sales agents or distributors whose profiles match your offer. We recommend that this option be enabled so that you can keep up to date with new registrations on the platform without having to carry out constant searches.

Once you have published your offer on the platform, it will be valid for 3 months. After this period, you will receive an email confirming the status of the offer. In the same email you will be able to reactivate the offer for 3 more months at no cost or definitively deactivate it.

In the dashboard (MY OFFERS) you can access all your published offers. Edit the offer you want to deactivate and uncheck the options "Show offer in search engines" and "Receive alerts for new profiles".

You will be able to publish the offers again by reactivating the above fields.

As soon as there is real interest on both sides (both by you and by the sales agent or distributor you have selected), you will be able to see their contact details by purchasing the BASIC service. This consists of buying a number of views (1, 2, 4, 6, 8) of the contact details of potential partners who have confirmed their interest in marketing your products or services. This way, you will only pay if there is a real possibility of commercial collaboration.

The BASIC service is carried out completely online and in no case does it guarantee a commercial agreement.

If you want a more tailored service for finding a sales agent or distributor, we have a PREMIUMservice.

The PREMIUM is a tailored service you can sign up for to find sales agents or distributors in the area, sector and sales channel that you need. The service is carried out by searcha specialists who will search for this partner in external databases and specialist portals.

If a commercial collaboration with the first proposed profile is not possible, we will carry out a second search at no cost to you.

If we do not find the partner you need within approximately two months, we will refund the amount paid to date for the PREMIUMservice.

Although the deadlines for finding agents or distributors are estimates, for us they are a real commitment to you. If we do not find the agents or distributors you requested within the established period of time, we will return the initial amount paid.

In the company dashboard you can change the status of the offers made, view notifications of new profiles that match your offer, save profiles in My Favourites and see all the offers published. You will receive notifications of interest in your company and you will be able to evaluate their proposals.

In your dashboard you will have various tabs in which you can perform the following actions:

  • Go to the sales agent and distributor search engine
  • View and manage your published offers
  • View and manage notifications made and received
  • Manage the contacts that interest you most
  • Buy the BASIC and PREMIUM services directly
  • Modify and complete your profile details

Credit is the currency of use on the platform, you can use it to view the commercial profiles that have confirmed interest in your product or service.

searcha reviews the commercial profiles of the platform one by one and classifies the agents in 2 categories:
  • National specialist profile in your sector (cost per display of contact data = 1 credits)
  • International or executive profile (cost per display of contact details = 4 credits)

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